Get iPhone for free

Get iPhone for free. Yes, you heard it right. You are at the right place to get iPhone and other gadgets for free. This technique is 100% legit and free. Just follow the below steps and get your iPhone for free.

Note: Do this in a web browser from PC/Mac.

1) Go to this site by clicking here CLICK HERE

2) Sign up using your name and email address and choose your gift. ;)

3) After sign up completes open your email and verify your account.

4) Then click on complete offers link.

5) Complete any one free offers to earn credit.(You need to complete at least one offer to earn credit)

You can also use free trail offers which requires credit card but don't worry not a single amount will be deducted. Just cancel your subscription before the trial expires. ;)

6) Once you completed an offer and earned your required credit just wait for your iPhone or any other gadget you choose to be delivered at your doorstep. ;)

Enjoy. and please share this post.

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